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Privacy Policy

The DomoTouch application uses your services device to simplify its use.
Never personal data is sent to another party, and ensures the full confidenciality data.
Here is the list of requested rights with their uses.

Communications network

  • Full Internet access
    • Allows the application to connect to your network to communicate with the Web Server.
      Without this right, the application would not work.
  • edit / delete the contents of memory USB storage change / delete the contents of the SD card
    • All recorded data (lights, scenario, sites ...) is stored in a database.
      This database is stored on your SD card in order to minimize memory consumption of the application.
      You can easily see the files in DomoTouch folder of your SD card .
      If the SD card was no presence, the application'll save all datas in the memory of your device.
System Tools
  • change Wi-Fi state
    • The application uses WiFi to communicate with your installation, if Wifi disabled, the application asks if you want to activate it, thus it needs this law to complete activation of WiFi.
Your position
  • OK Location (GPS), GEO position. Approximate (network dependent)
    • This feature is not enabled automatically, you must do so within the parameters of the application
      The geolocation functionality is used to simplify the activation of a site.
      When creating a new site, you can if you wish, save the geographic data in the database. The data collected and used are: Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, address is registered for use in a future option.
      If geotagging is enabled, during the first running of the application, it asks you if you want it compares your position with that of registered sites to offer you the activation site where you are.
      This is just to simplify the activation of a site in case of very extensive list.

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