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Using Help

Thank you for choosing to use DomoTouch to control your installation Home Automation MyHome (Bitcino / Legrand)
Each page of the application has its own menu (menu key on the device). It allows you to add a line on the page, to return to home, or display options.

How to change the server address

    • On the main page of the application,
      • Select the menu of your device, then Settings
      • Select Server
      • Enter data from your Web server, a test button allows you to check the correct information before registering with OK

How do I edit or activate the options Site

    • On the main page of the application,
      • Select the menu of your device, then Sites, The next page displays the list of sites available
      • Support a few seconds remained on the line of the said site, a menu appears
        • Edit button
        • In the next menu you can:
          • Change Site Name: eg House
          • Enable systems present on the site select
        • Delete button
          • Deletes the site and all information on this site
        • Auto Config
          • Done a scan of the facility to record all data present on the bus SCS Site, Lighting, Automation and Drive.
        • Select
          • Selects the site to drive the installation
        • Geolocation
          • Records data from your geographical position (to do when you are on the website) to enable if geolocation is enabled, électionner to the website of your position automatically upon startup of the application.

Main menu (explanation)

    • operator
      • registration Scenario
        • Creates the sequences you want for a given scenario in order to save them in one click in the module scenario
      • Open command
        • You can send a command (frame) on the bus SCS
      • safeguard
        • Saves on your SD card, all data in a ZIP file, and email them if necessary.
    • Sites
      • Management Sites
    • parameters
      • Server
        • Changing data server (IP, Port)
      • Statistics
        • Displays statistics of the application
      • Language
        • Changes the language, three languages ​​available: English, French, Italian
      • Theme
        • Can change the theme, two themes available
      • Geolocation
        • Turns geolocation. This function offers to search the list of sites, one that fits your position. (very useful feature if you have a large number of site)
      • General Light Active: Y/N
        • Enable or disable general commands on/off in the light menu. (enabled by default)

first use

    • At the first use of the application, the following data are recorded by default.
      • WebServer
        • Adress :
        • Port : 20000

      • Site 1: List of options present for Site 1
        • Light: activated
        • Automation: Activated
        • Group: Activated
        • Intercom / Camera: Activated
        • Scenario: Disabled
        • Alarm: Disabled
        • Audio : disabled
        • Consumption : disabled
        • Thermoregulation : disabled
      You can always change these options.
      See -> How do I edit or activate the options Site

How change lights or automation datas

    • On the main creen select lights or automations, touch and stay on the lign, a menu appear.
      • Edit
        • Can change all datas about the lign light or automation
          Enter the data follow your installation.
      • Light ON, Light Off, Variation, Up, Stop, Down
        • Send a command in your installation
      • Favorit
        • Can record the lign in the favorit view

How to change your address IP enabling (Web ou MH200)

    • The address IP enabling allow some IP or IP range to send and recept all OpenWebNet datas.
      • A PDF file, was very explicit at this link   here  

How show my Favorit list

    • On the main view, slide left the screen, the Favorit list appear. Right slide for return to the main view.
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