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Welcome to DomoTouch website

Last Version : Free 2.4.983 -- Full 2.05.46
The application is still in Development.

DomoTouch your Domotic application for Android.
It can control your home automation system using the protocol OpenWebnet.
It works perfectly on all installation MyHome by Legrand/Bticino.
DomoTouch scans your system to simplify the order entry.

DomoTouch is also designed to simplify the task of installers
  • Registration of scenarios in the module with one click
  • manages several sites, geolocation detection possible
  • generation addressing scheme in an Excel file ...

DomoTouch is available in three languages, French, English, Italian.

With DomoTouch you can:
  • Driving your lighting, shutters, groups, Audio amplifiers, tuners
  • Activate your scenarios , manage your scenario scheduler
  • Replace the module scenario or to record shots
  • display your Intercom/camera , activate an open door
  • Manage multiple sites, geolocation detection (useful for instalator)
  • Generation addressing scheme in an Excel file (useful for instalator)
  • Send your own Open command
  • Available Language, French, English , Italian - two different themes
  • Backup database application, send by email as possible
  • Favorites: for quick access to frequently used commands
    Version Full paying
  • Version no limit
  • Voice recognition for name registration.
  • Supports power management interfaces Electricity, Gas, Water, heater/cooling).
  • Video / Intercom: use the video security password (parameter -> server )
  • Generation addressing scheme in an Excel file (Operator)
  • Function Audio available.
  • Personnaliser vos pièces par une image
  • Function Torch add in Operator
  • ------

    The functions Alarme is in devellopement.
    Version Limited Free
  • Function unchecked : Alarm.
  • Function limited : Lights, Scenario, Intercom/Camera, Consomation, Audio, Operator.
  • DomoTouch, created by an installator, for make your life easier, and the installers to.
    Copyright 2012/2013 Domotouch -- Android application